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After a successful (and stressful) cat show competition, three women, Claudette, Aberdeen, and Illia, head back to their hotel rooms to decompress and unwind. The next day, two women get a knock on their doors: Claudette is dead. Was Claudette murdered by one of her competitors, or was it suicide...? 

Murder at the Cat Show is the 2nd installation of the Detective Series. Episode 1 is Murder by Candlelight. But don't worry, you can play the games out of order. Or you can just not play them at all! It's all your choice!

If you enjoy Ace Attorney, Famicom Detective Club, and Agatha Christie novels, then boy do I have a game for you. This one!


  • (Hopefully) funny dialogue
  • A light-hearted, but serious, murder!
  • Multiple (3, to be exact) endings
  • Some cute cats, and some whacky women!

Made by:


Special Thanks to my Playtesters!

Paul, Sven, Nephel, and Reynaldo!

Update 1/11/2022:

Found a typo. Fixed it.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorsShonté, Nephel
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsComedy, Female Protagonist, murder-mystery, Mystery, Narrative, Point & Click, Ren'Py, Short
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Version 3
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Version 2


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enjoying the game but i am at a loss on how to move forward. no new answers or inspect options are popping up. do you offer a walkthrough or chat that can help me out?

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Playing this now! FYI, tri-colored cats (like Clawdette!) are almost always female so I didn't even think it was weird that Jan would know the cat's gender. If I saw a tortie/calico kitty in a carrier I would also assume it was a female cat. Knowing the name was actually more suspicious to me.

Edit: I seem to have gotten stuck? I got the bathing suit, I've challenged all three suspects... I've called the boss, inspected everything... :(

Hey there! Did you show the bathing suit to the investigator?

Yep! She just says it'll take a while to analyse it, and I should find some other way of getting people to reveal their guilt.

Hmm, did you give Clawdette to the investigator? 

Ah, that was it! I thought I had...

For future projects, might I suggest some system that lets the player know if they've already exhausted a line of dialogue? So it's easier to tell what you haven't asked already. 

Is there some kind of key to unlock the ability to go to the second and third floors? Hovering over the locations on the first floor color them in, but doing so anywhere on the second or third floors does nothing and they seem to be completely inaccessible.

You have to speak with the investigator in the pool room. She allows you access to the rest of the floors.

I had a lot of fun playing this! I enjoyed the gameplay and the dialogue. Great work!

Love to hear you had fun! Thanks so much for playing!

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I like the game. I remember I saw few typos, and a second "MAP" entry in some cases in the menu, and I managed to get cat to my Items twice ;) but still it is very enjoyable. I see you answered below about other than #2 endings, thanks, I'll give it a try. (Oh, and once there was Ab's cat both in her arms and between us. That looked funny.)

Thanks so much for playing, and for letting me know the little bugs you spotted! Luckily, all of those hiccups can easily be fixed.

I cannot get the game to install.  It cannot read the property "build" ??

Huh,  that's new.  Are you trying to download it through the Itch app? I haven't seen anyone have issues downloading it through a browser. I'll try to done some tinkering to see if I can fix that!

Thank you.  I cannot download it at all.

Hmm, okay I can just send you a copy of the game. Are you on PC or a Mac?


So, unfortunately, I cannot send a private message on itch, so I can't send you the download code without needing an email or perhaps a twitter account to DM you. If you download the game on a browser, you should get a zip folder. Then, you right click the folder and hit "extract all," then you'll have access to the game. You should see "Murder at the Cat Show.exe". Click that, and the game should run.

thanks for the game! (ukraine bundle)

can you tell me what do i need to do to get other endings? i got #2 it said.


Oh wow, thanks so much for playing! And thanks for supporting the Ukraine Bundle!

All endings are based off of how many right answers you get.

Ending 1 - Answer all questions correctly

Ending 2 - Get a few questions wrong

Ending 3 - Get all  the questions wrong

I don't currently have a walkthrough with all the right answers. But now that you've played it once, it might be easier to know which answers are correct. I hope this helped! 

ah, ok, thanks! :)

This game SLAPS (and so does the music, I get it stuck in my head all the time)

I know that I'm partial but my favorite parts of this game are all your creation - and I cannot wait to do more things with you!