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Very mysterious and evocative! Everything in this was fun to read ^^


Everything you make is so cool, I loved this one!

For someone who can't do horror, you do it very well!

HAHA thank you!! I know, I'm so weird when it comes to horror!

oh wow i love this! thanks so much for making this. i loved the writing, particularly the descriptions of the jars and the big body. i like that the blue colour of the sprites ends up being part of the reality of the game. cool stuff!

I'm so glad you like it! :D

hmmm very intriguing! i like how different and very expressive all your sprites are! and in the last room , i thought it was very neat how i had to like go around to find out each part?? i'm not sure how to express it without like outright spoilers of just want it is haha but i liked this!


Thank you so much!